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About us


Thinking outside the box

At SoaCom b.v., we think outside the box and provide rare solutions that fit in the box of our clients


Client Needs

At SoaCom b.v., we determine and articulate our clients needs and meet those needs.

SoaCom b.v. Consultancy means years of experience in various ICT applications. The strength of the company lies in translating your wishes into a workable and affordable solution. We provide professional solutions, whereby implementations, migrations, management and security of ICT infrastructures are among our most important tasks. We implement various Cloud solutions - VOIP telephony.


ICT Consultancy

We advice our clients on ICT technical related issues as well as on organizational and business processes. Our goal is ensure that our clients get maximum value from our ICT consultancy services. We always has multiple objectives. We support employees in their work and make it easier for clients to do business with you. We make processes more efficient and last but not leastWe are so flexible that we can adapt to any organizational change.

Web Development

We create powerful effective web based applications for small to medium sized businesses. Web applications and mashups can transform your business processes and create cost savings. We are the one that can help to achieve it.

VOIP Telephony

We provide cheaper telecom solutions services to it clients. We think that your call can be cheaper regardless where you are, what type of telephone equipment you use and what line you call. With us this is what you will be getting: Reliability, Huge Savings and Real-time Reporting

What Clients Say

At SoaCom bv., we value meaningful, long-standing relationships with our clients. We work hard to make sure their business goals are always in reach. We see our clients as part of the team, and we work together to make their businesses as successful as possible.


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